Enjoy building a full-size human skeleton and get to know your own body and how it works with National Geographic.

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Embark on a fascinating journey to the secret and unknown world of the human body with the National Geographic’s collection, How Your Body Works.
Explore the organs, muscles, and bones which form the human body. Discover the changes it experiences and how it grows while building a 110 cm tall human skeleton named Billie Bones; a curious and pleasant guide who explains –through each booklet– the different human body parts.


With the help of a simple mounting guide, and without the need of tools, kids can build over 40 pieces which assemble easily with one another to reproduce a very realistic human skeleton with bones and joints such as skull, jaw, neck, wrists, knees, and ankles. They will discover the names, shapes and sizes, the location, and the function of the main organs which make the human body the most complex and amazing existing machine.

With every new issue kids will complete a wonderful published work of educative illustrated booklets, including explanatory pictures and graphs, human body games, interesting facts, experiments, and advices which reveal the secrets and cares of our body.

With this collection, kids will be able to further understand their school subjects, making it the perfect consultation guide through their learning.

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All shipments

  • 1st Shipment

    • 1st delivery: Magazine + skull + jawbone + upper teeth + lower teeth
  • 2nd Shipment

    • 2nd delivery: Magazine + top of the skull + left part of the brain + eyes
    • 3rd delivery: Magazine + mounting stick + cervical vertebrae + back part of ribs + neck joint
  • 3rd Shipment

    • 4th delivery: Magazine + spine + right part of the brain + cerebellum
    • 5th delivery: Magazine + right lung + coccyx
  • 4th Shipment

    • 6th delivery: Magazine + Windpipe (2 pieces) + upper veins + upper arteries + dorsal vertebrae
    • 7th delivery: Magazine + left lung (2 pieces) + dorsal vertebrae + connecting rod
  • 5th Shipment

    • 8th delivery: Magazine + heart (2 pieces) + dorsal vertebrae
    • 9th delivery: Magazine + ribcage + pins
    • 10th delivery: Magazine + removable base for stand
    • 11th delivery: Magazine + right half of the pelvis + dorsal vertebrae
  • 6th Shipment

    • 12th delivery: Magazine + left half of the pelvis + metal weight
    • 13th delivery: Magazine + kidneys (3 pieces) + metal weight
    • 14th delivery: Magazine + lower veins + lower arteries + 2 metal weights
    • 15th delivery: Magazine + pancreas + metal weight
  • 7th Shipment

    • 16th delivery: Magazine + left collarbone + left shoulder blade
    • 17th delivery: Magazine + left upper arm bone
    • 18th delivery: Magazine + left lower arm
    • 19th delivery: Magazine + left hand
  • 8th Shipment

    • 20th delivery: Magazine + left thigh bone
    • 21th delivery: Magazine + left shin and calf bone
    • 22th delivery: Magazine + left foot
    • 23th delivery: Magazine + right collarbone + right shoulder blade
  • 9th Shipment

    • 24th delivery: Magazine + right upper arm bone
    • 25th delivery: Magazine + right lower arm
    • 26th delivery: Magazine + stomach and oesophagus
    • 27th delivery: Magazine + right hand
  • 10th Shipment

    • 28th delivery: Magazine + small intestine
    • 29th delivery: Magazine + colon
    • 30th delivery: Magazine + liver
    • 31th delivery: Magazine + gall bladder + spleen + urinary bladder
  • 11th Shipment

    • 32th delivery: Magazine + right thigh bone
    • 33th delivery: Magazine + right shin and calf bone
    • 34th delivery: Magazine + right foot
    • 35th delivery: Magazine + Left forearm muscles (Back)
  • 12th Shipment

    • 36th delivery: Magazine + Left forearm muscles (Back)
    • 37th delivery: Trunk muscles (Front) + Left forearm muscles (Back)
    • 38th delivery: Magazine + Left forearm muscles (Back)+ Left shoulder muscle (Front)
    • 39th delivery: Magazine + Trunk muscles (Front)
  • 13th Shipment

    • 40th delivery: Magazine + Trunk muscles (Back)
    • 41th delivery: Magazine + Left dorsal muscle + Left dorsal muscle
    • 42th delivery: Magazine + Pectoral
    • 43th delivery: Magazine + Trapezoid
  • 14th Shipment

    • 44th delivery: Magazine + Neck
    • 45th delivery: Magazine + Left gluteus
    • 46th delivery Magazine + Right gluteus
    • 47th delivery Magazine + Left thigh (Front)
  • 15th Shipment

    • 48th delivery: Magazine + Left thigh (Back)
    • 49th delivery: Magazine + Left lower leg (Front)
    • 50th delivery: Magazine + Left lower leg (Back)
    • 51th delivery: Magazine + Left foot (top)+ Left foot (bottom)
  • 16th Shipment

    • 52th delivery: Magazine + Right thigh (Front)
    • 53th delivery: Magazine + Right thigh (Back)
    • 54th delivery: Magazine + Right lower leg (Front)
    • 55th delivery: Magazine + Right lower leg (Back)
  • 17th Shipment

    • 56th delivery: Magazine + Right foot (top and bottom)
    • 57th delivery: Magazine + Right shoulder (Front and Back)
    • 58th delivery: Magazine + Right bicep (Front)
    • 59th delivery: Magazine + Right bicep (Back)
  • 18th Shipment

    • 60th delivery: Magazine + Right forearm muscles (Front)
    • 61th delivery: Magazine + right forearm muscles (Back)
    • 62th delivery: Magazine + Front face
    • 63a delivery: Magazine + Back face
  • 19th Shipment

    • 64th delivery: Magazine + Lower support B(C1r), B(C1l), B(D1r), B(D1l)+ Hair
    • 65th delivery: Magazine + Posterior Stomach
    • 66th delivery: Magazine + Back part of Stomach + Set 4 propellers for the stomach
    • 67th delivery: Magazine + Upper Support (Digestive tract) A(A1), A(B1r), A(B1l)
  • 20th Shipment

    • 68th delivery: Magazine + 4 screws for the stomach + Set 5 cranks (4 stomach, 1 intestinal)+ Key (Digestive tract) + Oesophagus rings (2)+(2)=4 + Oesophagus rings valves (2)+(2)=4 + Cardiac pieces (2)
    • 69th delivery: Magazine + Oesophagus rings (2)+(2)=4 + Oesophagus rings valves (2)+(2)=4 + Glottis + Set of 4 Balls (for Glottis)
    • 70th delivery: Magazine + Upper jaw + Lower jaw + Spring
    • 71th delivery: Magazine + Rear of the duodenum (inside small intestine)+ Pylorus (Outlet of the stomach)
  • 21th Shipment

    • 72th delivery: Magazine + Front of the duodenum + Set of 4 duodenal screws
    • 73a delivery: Magazine + Posterior small intestine
    • 74th delivery: Magazine + Anterior small intestine + right foot + Set of Screws
    • 75th delivery: Magazine + Back of large intestine + Set of Screws
  • 22th Shipment

    • 76th delivery: Magazine + Transporter + 2 Wheels + Set of Screws + Ball barrier
    • 77th delivery: Magazine + Anterior Intestine + Set of Intestine Push-buttons (3) + Sphincter + Set of screws (Before 68)
    • 78th delivery: Magazine + Liver 2
    • 79th delivery: Magazine + Back part of the support for digestive tract D(C2l), D(C2r), D(D2l), D(D2r) + Set of Screws
    • 80th delivery: Magazine + Superior support back part C(A2), C(B2l), C(B2r) + Set of Screws

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Frequent questions

Here you'll find the answers to any doubts you might have about details of the collection and subscription terms and conditions. For more information don't hesitate to call our customer services centre on 0371 277 8708

How many issues are there of How Your Body Works?
Completed skeleton in only 34 issues. Each issue contains various parts and a fascinating magazine with easy-to-follow instructions and interesting articles giving an insight into the functions and the structure of the human body.
The complete collection is 80 issues (34 the skeleton, 30 the muscles and the rest digestive apparatus)
How much do the different issues cost?
Issue 1 comes at the special price of 99p
Issue 2 at £2.99
All other issues will be billed at the regular price of £5.99
What is the advantage of a subscription?
Subscribers get all issues delivered to their home at no extra cost. So you’ll never miss an issue. AND subscribers receive FOUR exclusive gifts! Additionally, if you choose to become a premium subscriber for only an extra £1 per issue. An amazing collection of microscope-ready slides which recreate in super close-up detail these wonders of nature. This fabulous set makes the perfect accompaniment for your Free microscope! 40 slides in total! (Slides come in packs of ten, one pack delivered every 20 issues)
When will I receive the different issues?
With the first and second delivery you’ll receive a maximum of three issues, depending on which issue you started your subscription with.
Issue 1 comes at price of 99p, £2.99 for issue 2 and £5.99 for issue 3 (charges will be based on issue start number) and then, from issue 4 at £5.99 each issue.
From the third delivery you’ll be getting 4 issues every month for £23.96.
When will I receive my subscription gifts?
I will receive a FREE exclusive vinyl skeleton poster with my first delivery, a FREE issue with my second delivery, a FREE stylish backpack with my fourth delivery and a FREE Microscope with accessories with my eighth delivery. Binders will be supplied on approval at £6.99 throughout the series.
What happens if the gifts are no longer available?
Should the gifts be out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute them with similar articles of the same value. The articles are a non-monetary bonus and therefore cannot be exchanged for the same value in cash.
What happens if one of my issues arrives damaged?
Should this happen, please contact our customer service immediately. Damaged issues can, with the agreement of customer services, be sent back at our expense to be replaced with an undamaged issue.
Will there be any cost for postage and shipping?
No, we bear all costs for you.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel a subscription at any time by contacting our customer services department.
When must I make payment?
Payments are taken every 28 days for 4 issues at a time. At the start of your subscription some payments may be closer together in order to bring you in line with the latest edition.